Current EPFLoop Projects

List of projects the students of EPFL is working on. We aim to foster innovation by incorporating the latest advances in technology into our projects, to keep pace with shifts in our society.


Target: Initiate field test

The aim of this semester project is to initiate the experiments at the field infrastructure. This involves the finalisation of the infrastructure, rendering it vacuum sealed, and development of the first 3rd printed pods for testing.

Academic responsibles

Prof. Dr. Mario Paolone

BESS, Navigation and Sensors advisor

Dr. Andre Hodder

PE and LIM advisor

Denis Tudor

BESS support

Cyril Dénéréaz

Infrastructure advisor

Georgios Sarantakos

Project manager

Simone Rametti

LIM support


Rodrigo Ruz Cuen

4th Year BA – PH

3D printing

Thomas Poulain

1st Year MA – CE

Tony Govoni

2nd Year MA – ME

Malicia Leipold

2nd Year MA – ME

Iléane Lefevre

1st Year MA – Materials

LIM & PE & Sensors

Lucien Pierrejean

1st Year MA – EE

Augustin Mohr

1st Year MA – MT

James Germanier

3rd Year BA – EE

ICT & Communication

Joachim Tapparel

PhD student- ICT


Anis Hassan

1st Year MA – EE