Target: Development of a reduced scale model for an autonomous energy efficient pod


The EPFLoop initiative aims at addressing the systemic complexity of the hyperloop solution while educating future engineers on the real-world challenges. Therefore, it brings together bachelor and master students from various departments of the EPFL to build and test a pod that serves a specific purpose. Compared to a standard semester project, the students should cope with challenges related to missing or incomplete data, addressing multiple uncertainties simultaneously and efficiently interacting with colleagues for achieving a common target while they take responsibility for their own tasks.

While the previous version of the EPFLoop project ( Version 1 and Version 2 ) the focus was on the maximum acceleration aligned with the aim of the SPACEX competition, now the aim is more research and innovation focused. The aim of the current EPFLoop project (Version 3) is to build an energy efficient autonomous hyperloop capsule. Those activities will confirm the scaling process from the full-scale simulations results to the test facility scale enabling of further testing of various elements of the hyperloop solution.

Academic responsibles

Prof. Dr. Mario Paolone

BESS, Navigation and Sensors advisor

Dr. Andre Hodder

PE and LIM advisor

Denis Tudor

BESS support

Cyril Dénéréaz

Infrastructure advisor

Georgios Sarantakos

Project manager


Tony Govoni

1st Year MA – ME

Malicia Leipold

1st Year MA – ME

Anas Hadni

1st Year MA – ME


Bassem Alsakhawy

3rd Year BA – ME

Anis Hassan

3rd Year BA – ME

Rodrigo Ruz Cuen

4th Year BA – PH


Lucien Pierrejean

1st Year MA – EE

Yency Mélissa Allegro

2rd Year MA – MT


Augustin Mohr

1st Year MA – MT

Deniz Jan ERNI

3rd Year BA – EE

LV systems & sensors

Rafael Riber

2nd Year BA – EE


Florian Carlier

2nd Year MA – ME

Axel Sutter

1st Year MA – EE

Iléane Lefevre

3rd Year BA – Materials

Olivier José Chavanne

1st Year MA – Energie

System Sim

Aurélien Kinet

2nd Year MA – EE


Selim Jerad

1st Year BA – ICT